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    • Nun ja, bin gerade an einer Komplett-Mal-Wieder-Neu-Installation von Lock On aber schonmal vorab die Readme:

      <<<<<< SNAP IN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      Uninstall any other Blue Angels skins with Loman first.

      IMPORTANT: Install using Loman version 2 or higher only. Loman 1.5 or earlier will not work.

      This replaces the Blue Angels Flyable pack with the jets numbered 1 through 6
      as well as 2 "Spare" jets 7 and 8. Based on F-15C flight model and cockpit.

      Includes Fat Albert C-130 based on A-10 flight model and cockpit.

      When creating a mission, choose the F-15 as the player aircraft, NOT the F-18 for the
      Blue Angel F/A-18. Choose the A-10 as the player aircraft NOT the C-130 for Fat Albert.

      Choose different tailnumbers from the "Colour Scheme" dropdown menu in the payload
      screen in the same way you choose different squadron skins within the game.

      Names on the F-18 canopy rails reflect actual Blue Angel pilots from 2004.

      Fixes minor graphics glitches from ver 1.0

      Fixes view from cockpit. With version 1.0 the view from the cockpit was in the wrong location
      when compared to the outside view. Now the cockipit view and external views are consistant.

      Known issues:
      1) F-18 wheels don't touch the ground when taxiing.
      2) F-18 afterburners are not positioned correctly.
      3) F-18 still has F-15 cockpit!
      4) Fat Albert C-130 uses A-10 cockpit.
      5) Fat Albert propellers do not turn.
      6) Fat Albert wheels are below the ground when taxiing.

      Use Loman to uninstall when you want your F-15 and A-10 back!



      F-18 skin by 420th Kato
      F18 made flyable by 420th Alias
      C-130 skin by Baird
      C-130 made flyable by Silent Eagle
      <<<<<< SNAP OUT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      scheint, als würden die die F15 und A10 ummoddeln.

      Naja mal scha(e)un und backuppen